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Preet has just asked us to help them find a quality Housekeeper in Maple Grove, MN, 55311.

We’re now contacting local professionals on their behalf, and if you respond quickly there’s a strong chance you’ll secure the business. It’s free to do so, and there’s no obligation to continue using our service in future.

Take a look at Preet’s request below and, if you can help, click the following link to contact them directly.

Contact Preet now:

Client details:

House Cleaning - Maple Grove, MN, 55311
Preet has made their phone number available. We will make it available to you when you send your first message.

Project details:

What type of property needs cleaning?: House

How often do you need cleaning services?: Weekly

How many bedroom(s) need cleaning?: 5+ bedrooms

How many bathroom(s) need cleaning?: 3 bathrooms

How many reception room(s) need cleaning? (e.g. living room, dining room, conservatory, playroom): 3

How many staircases need cleaning?: 3 +

Which additional service(s) would you like?: I want windows cleaned

What are the best days for cleaning?: Any

Estimated value:

Based on similar requests, we gave Preet the following price guide:

Most customers spent between: $114 - $170 per visit
Premium services may be more than: $350 per visit

However, we've made it clear that all jobs are different and that they will receive custom estimates from pros.

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Why have we contacted you?
We believe your company can help Preet with their project, and we’d like to put you two in touch.

They’ve asked us to find a great local Housekeeper, and if you respond right away there’s a strong chance you’ll secure the business.

Contact Preet now:

If you’d like any help with this, please call (424) 227-5323 (Mon-Fri 9am-8pm Eastern) or email and we'll be happy to assist.

Many thanks,
Andrew Good

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Andrew Good
Maple Grove, MN, 55311
Maple Grove, MN, 55311
Posted- 03/08/2019
They came out and cleaned my carpets and tile and grout everything went unbelievably great. I was amazed at how good of a job they did and it was so clean!!! Thank you so much Mike and Andrew! Great job GUNA!
Rating :
Cedric Georgia
Towson Maryland
Towson. MD
Posted- 03/18/2016
They came out and cleaned my carpets and tile and grout everything went unbelievably great. I was amazed at how good of a job they did and it was so clean!!! Thank you so much Mike and Andrew! Great job GUNA!
Rating :
Cedric Georgia
Towson Maryland
Towson. MD
Posted- 03/18/2016
I was a very lucky gal to search the internet for carpet cleaning. I found GUNA Cleaning and Restoration and couldn't be happier. They picked up my carpet right on schedule, discussed how it would be cleaned. The carpet was back in my home one week later and it is beautiful. The fringe was white again and the carpet stands out against the furniture. Thank you GUNA Cleaning and Restoration
Rating :
Fredericksburg, va
Fredericksburg, VA
Posted- 07/09/2015
At first I was skeptical because of my previous experiences but I was reassured by the outstanding outcome these fellas displayed. I had to post this because I am soooo happy with my town house. I put my house for sale and knew that I would have to get it professionally cleaned if I wanted to get it sold fast. The price was good I just gave it try. I came back and was shocked to see this was my house. I didn't even want to sell it for a second. It looked brand new all the mold and scum was completely vanished. You can smell the difference too. I was able to get my house in and out of the market within two weeks. Never knew the impact of a deep cleaning could have. I am so relieved and happy with the results these gentlemen did. THank You guys I will be referring you to my clients.
Rating :
Radha Samuel
Northern Va
Posted- 06/05/2015
I want to commend Guna Cleaning and Restoration on the professional and prompt cleaning they performed for me at my home. I had a water issue in my basement and they were about to come out the same day when I called within a hour to extract the water. They explained what needed to be done and the process in order to prevent any mold issues. I do not hesitate and highly recommend this company for services. I will surely tell everyone I know about the excellent service they provide.

Thank You once again!
Rating :
E'rika Brock
United States
Posted- 05/23/2015
Really good company that deserves all 5 stars and more. Super nice and friendly on the phone, very courteous, clean and respectful when in your house. I have had them come back several times and am always glad I called. They are pretty quick, and affordable and they were able to get out stains that were several years old in a high traffic common stairs case. Highly recommend giving the Guna guys a call!
Rating :
Kate F
Posted- 05/08/2015
The best carpet Cleaners in town !
Rating :
Washington, dc
Posted- 05/06/2015
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