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We just used Smart Choice for the second time to clean our carpets. They did a great job, even better than the first time. In a house with a cat, dog, and baby, they're a great service to have on hand. Highly recommended.
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Posted- 12/23/2013
We had a basement flood. Guna cleaned it up quickly and pulled back our new carpet to keep it from getting damaged. They were able to get there fast enough and no major damage was done. They went the extra mile and treated for mold so we wouldn't have any other issues arise. The team installed drying fans and a dehumidifier to ensure the room was dry before reinstalling the new padding and our carpet. His employees were very courteous and knowledgeable about exactly what to do and answered every question I had. Everything they said they were going to do, they did. I would highly recommend them to anyone and will definitely use their services again if I need them.
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Henry C.
Posted- 06/09/2014
You guys are awesome! The quality and professionalism is great with you guys! I also LOVE how quickly our carpets and furniture dry after you're done cleaning them.
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Mike R
Posted- 09/23/2014
Great service! I called them and they came in time cleaned my carpet in short time looks very much new now. They are efficient I gives them five out of five. Use their service again.
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Jhon A
Posted- 12/18/2014
GUNA CLEANING and RESTORATlON. Outstanding job from start to finish. My husband and I moved into our new home in Arlington find the floors were covered in a thick coat of dust and stains. We called GUNA Cleaning and RESTORATlON were amazed that they squeeze us in with less that 1 day notice. Before our movers arrived with all our furniture. GUNA did good job!
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Cecelia M
Posted- 12/21/2014
Did a very good job on carpet that was 10 years old. Would hire them again
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Marry Adams
Posted- 01/25/2015
I work for a dental office in Fairfax, va GUNA cleaning and restoration did an exceptional job treating the carpet and furniture in our Office. Not only would I highly recommend their Business b/c they know Exactly what they are doing, I will be using them for any all cleaning service. I have had 3 other cleaners attempt to clean. Showed the professionalism that GUNA Cleaning and restoration Service.
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Kimberly G
Posted- 02/13/2015
Guna Cleaning and Restoration did a fantastic job! I thought I would need new carpet in the near future but figured I would have it cleaned to buy some time. They were cleaning a neighbors home and figured I'd get a quote. Well, not only were they nearly half the price of the well known steam cleaning companies but they breathed new life in to my carpet! It looks so clean and I will not have to replace it anytime soon! They were very pleasant to work with, I highly recommend them!
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Cindy N
Posted- 03/21/2015
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