Carpet Cleaning

Carpets take a lot of wear and tear over time. Whether it’s pets, kids, or visitors, your carpet captures all the dirt tracked into the house day after day. This shouldn’t be of concern, after all, that’s what carpets are made for. However, there does come a point in your carpet’s life where it will need a thorough and deep cleaning aimed at removing every single last bacterial pathogen from its fibers. If you do this regularly, your carpet will thank you by maintaining form and durability.
Guna Carpet Cleaning offers carpet cleaning care that is high-tech, individual, and results in a cleaner, fresher air quality in your indoor space. We provide all levels of service-whether your carpets require low moisture, steam extraction, dry compound or other treatments, we will get your carpets absolutely clean. Guaranteed!

Professional Methods

Our cleaning experts at GUNA, Carpet Cleaning recommend the hot water extraction cleaning method as the most effective method for cleaning standard dirty carpets and the dry cleaning method for older or more delicate fabrics. Our cleaning technicians are trained to identify your particular type of carpet fibers and the cleaning combinations that will best suit your expectations. And, as an added bonus, we only use biodegradable, non-toxic and non-irritant chemicals and formulas for all our cleaning services.

Our Step-by-Step Carpet Cleaning Process:
  • Pre-inspection
  • Vacuum
  • Pre-spot/Pre-spray
  • Move furniture (upon request)
  • Hot Water Extract / Steam Clean
  • Apply deodorizer*
  • Block and tab furniture legs to prevent spots from upholstery
  • Apply Carpet Protector, if requested*
  • Do a final groom of the carpet nap to set the pile
  • Post-inspection walk through