Hand wash Rug Cleaning

Choosing the Right Hand Wash Oriental Rug Cleaning company

When choosing a company to restore your Oriental, Antique, Handmade rugs, and even Area rugs, you have to factor their years of experience, projects that particular company have done, testimonials and etc. At GUNA CLEANING Restoration, when taking a valued rug from our clients we begin the inspection in our facility, we take in consideration the make of the rug, the year, the proper yarn, whether it’s a 100% Wool rug, or a mix of Wool and Silk, or Cotton, or perhaps a Cotton and Wool, or a pure Silk rug. Each rug has to be individually recognized, each rug has to be checked properly for color fast, the strength of fiber, and its foundation, the quality of the dyes, if there are any stains, and if so what is caused them? Any bleeding that appears on the rug, for any reason. Sunlight can cause almost any color to fade away and to decrease with time, (it is very important to close all blinds when leaving home, not to expose your rugs to strong sunlight).

Free Estimate, Pickup & Delivery

GUNA offer a free on site estimate for all of clients as well as free pick up & delivery. When we pick up a rug from our clients our goal is straight forward: to clean and restore the rug in a way that any retail value that the rug had prior to our restoration will be placed after our work has been completed. By doing so, our clients investment wasn’t in vain they receive the best results their money can buy them.

Preserve Your Rug Value with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

At the end of the day our goal is to revive your rug/s again, and to let you have a great experience with us, through that positive experience you would want to call us again, and say ” I have found my true company”. Oriental rug cleaning, can be a very sensitive issue, to be able to assume that responsibility to collect your items from you, clean them in a way that no damage will be done and restore them back to perfection, you need to choose the right people and right company and for that matter, GUNA is your preferred cleaning company.

Our 8 Step Hand wash Rug Cleaning Process


Upon arriving on time within the window you have scheduled with us, our technicians will provide you with an in depth inspection on your rug. They will identify the material, determine what the best cleaning process will be for your particular rug , take measurements,During this time, your rug will also be examined for any pre-existing damage, loose fibers, stains, or color runs. the technicians can move any furniture and get the rug rolled up and taken back to our facility to begin the cleaning process.


Using our state of the art dusting equipment, we thoroughly yet gently remove any dust trapped deep within the pile of the rug. Often times we can remove pounds of dust just by this process alone. The results can be shocking.
This important step is one that many rug cleaners overlook. Wetting the rug before removing all the dust can lead to several issues such as severe staining, odor problems, and stiff fibers.


We test the rug for colorfastness and Ph level. This ensures that we will use the proper products and cleaning methods for the area rug.


After we pre-treat any areas that may pose as issues. The rug is ready for a bath. Our custom fit rug pools will thoroughly soak both sides of your area rug providing for a deep cleaning. Using modern day technology and old style knowledge we are able to recreate a similar constant flow of water you would normally find in a river.
By fully submerging the rugs in water we are able to remove any remaining deeply embedded soil, grime, odors and pet urine.


After the rug has been thoroughly soaked and scrubbed by hand we provide a pure water only rinse which ensures that all cleaning agents have been rinsed out of your rug and it is left in its natural state. This neutralizing process also ensures that any possible leftover soil will now be gone.


Depending on the type of rug you have, rugs will either be hung up to dry or laid down flat to dry in our temperature controlled rooms. The drying process is an important step. Proper dry times are necessary to ensure that odor issues do not become a problem.


After the rug is fully dry, it is time for a proper groom. Using our area rug pile lifters, the nap on your rugs will be beautifully restored to its original soft and plush texture.
At this time your rugs fringes will also be cleaned. We take extra care with delicate fringes to ensure that they maintain their structural integrity. Cleaning of the fringes is always done by hand with soft horse hair brushes.


As a final step, we give your rug one final inspection to make sure everything looks perfect. Once it is determined that the rug is complete, we will package it and call to schedule a delivery time.
We also offer optional fiber protectors and moth proofing treatments which can be applied post-cleaning to ensure the safety and longevity of your fine possessions.
Upon delivery, our technicians will unroll the area rug and place it back down wherever you’d like it. Leaving you with the cleanest, healthiest area rug you can have! Of course, all of our work is 100% guaranteed.